RTI International Makes Investment in Seven Bridges Genomics

RTI International, a renowned research institute, announced today that it has invested in Seven Bridges Genomics, the industry’s premier bioinformatics ecosystem supplier, to assist expedite the process from raw trial data to breakthrough healthcare treatments and diagnostics. RTI’s investment joins a key life sciences investor and the previously announced Seven Bridges Series C fundraising round.

RTI’s vice president and head of corporate development and private investments, Matt Jenkins, said, “We are thrilled to support the expansion of biomedical technology solutions that promote public and private healthcare research powered by huge multi-omic datasets.” “Bioinformatics researchers at premier academic, biotechnology, government, and pharmaceutical institutions can use Seven Bridges to speed up scientific discoveries. RTI’s portfolio of science-driven solutions that improve the human condition is well-aligned with the company’s focus.”

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To develop precision medicine, Seven Bridges allows researchers to extract valuable insights from massive amounts of genetic and phenotypic data. RTI’s investment will assist the company to innovate new solutions and develop its operations to support clients’ usage of multi-omics data in their research.

RTI’s investment in Seven Bridges expands its portfolio of investments, which includes clinical research technologies, precision medicine, healthcare analytics, patient engagement solutions, population health, and diagnostic testing.

“With their market, technological, and scientific knowledge and leadership, we welcome RTI as an investor,” said William Moss, chief executive officer of Seven Bridges. “As the amount of multi-omic data available expands exponentially, clinical researchers and drug developers need reliable tools for integrating, evaluating, and utilizing that data to find solutions. RTI’s investment will help the Seven Bridges data ecosystem develop and evolve so that it can accommodate a wide range of global datasets, including population research with 1 million or more participants.”

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