Samsung redefines laundry in times of COVID-19

With countries all over the world telling residents to stay home and practice rigorous cleaning to avoid the spread of COVID-19, everyday life has changed dramatically. Mundane household tasks such as doing laundry are increasingly becoming the source of anxiety as families grapple with taking all steps to keep their loved ones safe and healthy.

Many germs, including the coronavirus, can be transmitted through contaminated clothing and towels. Unfortunately, we do not know how long the virus can live on fabrics; thus, it is imperative to take necessary precautions.

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It is excessive to say that doing laundry is a life-saving mission, but in these unprecedented times, ensuring clean clothes is vital to the wellbeing of households. Since the pandemic began, most of us were forced to adapt to working from home and avoid physical contact. However, the rare trips to purchase groceries and essential items make enough time for the virus to latch onto the clothes.

Adding to that, people engaged in professions where they need to step outside every day are at even greater risk of getting infected. Under such circumstances, getting a washing machine has become of utmost importance for cleaning in bulk. The combination of detergent, water, rinsing, and spinning has been found to be very effective in removing unwanted dirt and flushing away viral loads.

Therefore, persistent technological innovation and developments are needed to reduce error, maintain consistency and deduct overall laundry spend. To make cleaning easier and more hygenic, Samsung Consumer Electronics Bangladesh has come up with washing machines with exceptional features. From front-loading and top-loading interface to various family-friendly functions, Samsung offers washing machines unique features that are suitable for people with varying preferences. The company offers various models with capacity starting from 7kg to 18kg.

The Ecobubble Technology mixes air, water, and detergent to create bubbles that penetrate clothes faster and ensures that the wash process takes place at a cooler temperature. For cotton, synthetics, and baby clothes, adding a 30-minute bubble soak to the preferred program will let the Ecobubbles penetrate deep into the fabrics to loosen tough stains. On top of that, the Digital Inverter Motor technology allows a long-lasting performance with less noise and vibration while giving a smoother experience. Furthermore, Innovative AddWash door can be used to add extra clothing during the wash, whether it is the missed sock or a hand-washed garment for final rinsing.

To make cleaning more affordable, Samsung has launched a campaign titled ‘Big Offer Eid Jombe Ebar’ ahead of Eid al-Adha, which will continue till 31 July, 2021. Under the campaign, customers will be able to avail cashback of up to BDT 14,000 on washing machines. With free home delivery services and installation charges, customers can also benefit from an exchange offer of up to BDT 5,500.

In these challenging times when doing laundry is an essential task, washing machines have become a necessary household appliance. With continuous technological inventions, Samsung brings a reliable gadget in making laundry less of a nuisance and more of a convenient experience.

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