“Akjon Golam Murshed,” is the life story of a lyricist

Songwriters and composers typically spend the majority of their time behind the scenes in the music industry, particularly in modern music. “Ekjan Golam Morshed” is perhaps the first Bangladeshi documentary film on a lyricist’s life and career, as a tribute to them.

In the early 90s, he starts writing songs for well-known performers, and with them, he made his masterpiece “Bitrishna Jbon Amar.” Lucky-Akhand, a well-known artist and composer, composed all of the pieces. It was a smash hit cassette back then, and it’s still going strong today.

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Golam Morshed, a lyricist, was born in Dhaka on September 25, 1956. Golam Morshed has a bachelor’s and master’s degree in management and has worked in the garment export industry since 1986 and in the information technology industry since 2010.

Since 1998, he has worked as a professional songwriter, writing songs. His lines have been sung by some of the greatest artists of the time. Lucky Akhand, James, Ayub Bachchu, Hasan, Subir Nandi, Kumar Biswajit, Tapan Chowdhury, Samina and Fahmida Nabi, Niloy Das, Asif Akbar, Bappa Majumder, Nipo Rose, and a slew of other potential performers of the time are among those on the list.

With the support of famed composer Lucky Akhand and his inherent zeal, Ghulam Morshed also made his debut as a lyricist. The majority of Lucky Akhand’s songs were also written by him. Lucky Akhanda has also arranged a number of unreleased tracks for Golam Morshed.

‘Akjon Golam Murshed,’ a documentary on the colorful life and work of this well-known lyricist, was recently posted on YouTube.

Under the banner of Bibhrom Visual, the documentary “Akjon Golam Morshed” is being produced. It was directed by Binu Mahbuba and Tarak Mahadi.

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