For the sake of Humanity…Let’s stand Together

Cold!!… Another name of natural panic these days throughout South Asia!!!

Winter Now the name of the natural panic in whole South Asia. Like China, India, and Nepal, the temperature decreased to 2.6 degrees in Bangladesh. The lowest temperature in the history of the country has been recorded in Tentulia of Panchagarh.

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The well-heeled did all that is necessary to avert all the possible harms of biting cold; many of them may have bought half a dozen blankets and many may have purchased ‘room heaters’ for their homes.

But what is for the indigent who are outside the elite circle in the society??? How will they survive in such biting cold???

If you think twice, you will definitely discover through your mental faculty a corpse of the sprightly boy who departed this life due to the intolerable bite of cold and also who drew the attention of all the spectators in the playground. What a cruelty!!!

What about the boy who worked hard all day long in biting cold to purchase warm clothes for his elderly father and returned home with a sweater for his father but noticed his father no longer needs any warm clothing except three pieces of white clothes (for his funeral)!!!

We are always passing by many a mother who hugged her little child very tightly to her chest to protect it from the bite of cold but finally gave in. Don’t these helpless mothers belong to the queue of the endangered humanity??? Why are we so indifferent to them???…merely for they don’t belong to our kith and kin???

We cannot just ignore this disadvantaged segment of the society if we are real humans. We cannot be indifferent to the mother in Karwanbazar area who lost her little child and the father in the slummy area who lost his caring boy and we really couldn’t!!!

It’s our moral obligation to stand by our fellow humans and to do something to the best of our ability for them. Righteous and humanitarian deeds exalt us as humans. Besides our loved kith and kin, we should also expand our helping hand for these people looked down upon.

Let’s stand for humanity.

Sumaiya Zafrin Chowdhury
Entrepreneur, Community Leader & Social Worker.

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