Mashup artists lampoon Britain’s leaders

News Hour:

In a satire of the 2016 Brexit vote, mashup artists lampoon Britain’s leaders in a video which re-edits their words to say the European Union referendum was dumb and Prime Minister Theresa May is making a mess of Brexit.

The June 23 vote took many investors and chief executives by surprise, triggering the deepest political and financial turmoil in Britain since World War Two and the biggest ever one-day fall in sterling against the dollar.

The Cassette Boy artists, who parody politicians by editing their words to form sentences they never said, dissect the referendum campaign, making then Prime Minister David Cameron appear to say he turned the United Kingdom upside down, reports Reuters.

“Now this is a story all about how the UK got flipped, got turned upside down,” Cameron, who announced his resignation the day after the referendum, is shown as saying to a hip-hop music theme from Will Smith’s Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

“I started this farce. I was the one who did something dumb: I promised an EU in/out referendum,” Cameron, who called the referendum in 2013 but who campaigned to stay in the EU, is made to say.

Boris Johnson, who campaigned for Brexit but dropped out of the race to replace Cameron after his running mate Michael Gove withdrew his support, is edited to say: “I have the most gross charisma and I want to be the next prime minister.”

“So I say: Let’s leave the EU not because I believe it’s the right thing to do but because I see an amazing future for me,” Johnson is edited to say.

After the result is announced, Cameron tells Boris: “I’m running away. The rest of my life is one big holiday.”

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