Tresiba® demonstrated lower day-to-day and within-day variability in glucose-lowering effect compared with insulin glargine U300

News Hour:

Tresiba® is a once-daily basal insulin that provides a duration of action beyond 42 hours. It is important for people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes to establish a routine for insulin treatment.

Comparing the pharmacodynamics of Tresiba®(insulin degludec) with insulin glargine U300 in people with type 1 diabetes were presented at the 16th Annual Diabetes Technology Meeting in Bethesda, US. Treatment with Tresiba® (0.4 U/kg) resulted in lower day-to-day and within-day variability* in glucose-lowering effect, compared with insulin glargine U300 (0.4 U/kg).

 The study showed that the day-to-day variability was approximately four times lower with Tresiba® than with insulin glargine U300. Within-day variability was approximately 40% lower with Tresiba®, with the glucose-lowering effect being more evenly distributed across 24 hours compared to insulin glargine U300.In addition, insulin glargine U300 showed a 30% lower potency assessed by the total glucose-lowering effect compared to Tresiba®.

“While large-scale head-to-head trials are needed to compare the efficacy and safety of new insulins, pharmacodynamic studies are important, as they enable us to better understand their pharmacological properties. The more stable the glucose lowering profile of insulin, the easier it is to titrate and can help reduce the risk of hypoglycaemia and hyperglycaemia in patients with diabetes,” says Dr Tim Heise, lead scientist at the Profil Institute in Germany. 

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