Automated car anti-collision system developed by Bangladeshi engineers

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All of the greatest achievements of science, automobile is most probably the one, which has significantly changed human life. A collision avoidance system is a current emerging technology in the field of automobile. Many people all over the world are working on developing a system, which will be helpful for avoiding collision. Since the whole world is working on it, then why Bangladesh should be fallen behind?

Sanjana Tasneem, Mehrab Masayeed Habib & Ahmed Amin Rumel developed such system in their under-graduation thesis while studying Electrical and Electronic Engineering in American International University – Bangladesh which can automatically avoid vehicle collision. Their project secured one of the top 18 projects of that semester in AIUB.

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Mehrab Masayeed Habib, one of the members of the thesis group, told about their project’s details. According to him, “The device is an automobile safety system device to reduce the accident as road traffic accident is the largest cause of injury-related deaths worldwide & globally, it is the third leading problem. The purpose of this device is to prevent collision among cars (vehicles) & objects. We have developed an automated car anti-collision system device, which is able to detect critical danger distance between two vehicles( can be car to car or car to object ) & able to stop or brake the vehicles when distance goes to beyond critical distance without help of driver that means it works automatically.”

Full view of the device developed by Mehrab, Rumel and Sanjana

Full view of the prototype device developed by Mehrab, Rumel and Sanjana

Another member Amin Ahmed Rumel said “We used a microcontroller & it’s a microcontroller based system device. When there is a trend to have collision, Sharp Distance Sensor detects the object & measures the distance; it gives this information to the microcontroller. Through microcontroller, LCD display gets the information & shows the image & distance range to its display.”


He further added, “In critical distance, there is a massive chance to occur a collision, that time through the same process, microcontroller gets signal from Sharp Distance Sensor & passes this to LCD display & at a time gives this information to the alarming device & alarming device start buzzing. That time, actuator gets this signal from microcontroller through motor driver & when distance goes to beyond critical distance, actuator starts spinning & brake the system (car) automatically.”

Sanjana, Tasneem told about the advantages of this project. She described the advantages as follows–

> It will avoid vehicles collision.

> It will prevent road accidents.

> Globally, It will reduce the rate of accidental death & give the safety of human.

> It will reduce financial burden on the health of injured people. So it is economically beneficial.

> It will increase quality and performance of automobile technology.

> Global standardization.

She further added “ We want to implement it during manufacture of cars & use it for mankind. The main vision & perspective of our device is “Say No to-Road Accidents.”

One of the group members Mehrab Masayeed Habib is passionate about Automobiles. He is the founder & trainer of Bangla Automobile School, which provides lecture videos on Automobile Engineering topics in Bangla language. He also conducts day long training workshop on Automobile Engineering at local level in Bangladesh.

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