5 symptoms of skin cancer you never can ignore

News Hour:

According to the American Cancer Society, here is what you can do to watch out for melanoma:

1. Follow the ABCDE rule to identify any possible cancerous moles


: Look for only a portion of your mole or birthmark to be transformed or affected by a change of color or texture.


: Look for the outer edges of the mark to be protruding, irregular, jutting out or disheveled.


: Look for the mark to contain multiple colors such as: dark brown, black, pink, white, blue and red.


: Look to see if the mark is larger than approximately a ¼ inch in size (a pencil eraser).


: Look to see if the mark is constantly changing in shape, color and size.

2. New spot that is changing in size, shape or color

If a new growth appears and is constantly changing in size and color alert your physician.

3. Look for the ugly duckling mole (one that doesn’t look like the other)

It is completely normal for an individual to have birthmarks and moles. Generally, moles on a person’s body are fairly similar, but if you notice one mole that is not like the others, alert your doctor.

4. A cut or sore that does not heal properly

5. Redness and severe swelling around the border of the mole (puffiness) , reports FamilyShare.


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