Tri-Institutional therapeutics discovery institute, inc. expands partnership with Takeda pharmaceutical company, ltd.

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Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, The Rockefeller University and Weill Cornell Medicine  announced that they will expand the focus of the successful Tri-Institutional Therapeutics Discovery Institute, Inc. (Tri-I TDI), a partnership established in 2013 to expedite early-stage drug discovery of innovative new therapies. Under this expansion, Tri-I TDI will extend its current relationship with its industry partner, Takeda Pharmaceutical Company, Ltd. (TSE:4502) from the realm of small molecule discovery into the new research area of antibody drug discovery. All three institutions will benefit from Tri-I TDI’s expansion.

“We are thrilled at the prospect of growing our strong Tri-I TDI partnership, where we continue to tackle important health questions and improve drug development efficiency. Through our current work, we’ve established a streamlined process to apply our breakthrough research into clinical application and look forward to adding antibody knowledge into our expanding range of capabilities” said Dr. Augustine Choi, interim dean of Weill Cornell Medicine.
“TDI has already had an important impact by providing an opportunity for our scientists, and those of our collaborating institutions, to develop small molecules that might lead to new drugs,” said Dr. Marc Tessier-Lavigne, president of The Rockefeller University. “With the addition of its antibody program, TDI will go even further, jumpstarting the development of an additional type of therapy for poorly treated diseases.”

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“What began as a novel partnership between academia and industry has now become a powerful voice in medical research,” said Memorial Sloan Kettering President and CEO Dr. Craig B. Thompson. “Our collaboration has provided more efficient paths to translate laboratory discoveries into bedside treatments that lead to improved patient care and well being.  This partnership is a great example of how collaboration and open partnerships are the future of medical research.”

“As we look ahead to what’s next, beyond small molecule drug discovery, this flagship collaboration will continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in medical research,” said Andrew Plump, Takeda’s chief medical and scientific officer. “We at Takeda understand the value of, and connection between, innovation and external collaboration. This is why we are so pleased to continue our relationship with the Tri-I TDI and help expand its mission to move toward novel research frontiers such as antibody drug discovery.”

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