Giving children in long-term treatment the energy to live announcement of the recipient projects

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Takeda Pharmaceutical Company Limited  announced the decision for three projects to be subsidized in the second year (October 2015 to September 2016) of the Civil Society Initiative Subsidy Program « Takeda Well-Being Program II : Giving Children in Long-term Treatment the Energy to Live » (Implementation period : October 2014 to September 2019).

The Program aims to sponsor organizations that provide support to children undergoing long-term treatment for diseases and their families and is a long-term subsidy program that continues for ten years over Phase I (2009-2014) and Phase II (2014-2019). The Program is run by a non-profit organization, the Civil Society Initiative Fund (CSIF), which manages the funds from Takeda. Recipient projects are reviewed annually by the CSIF, and the following three additional projects have been selected for this year.

◆ Project outline and recipient organizations


Project Outline




Capacity building project on homecare HR supporting children who are in need of long-term treatment and their families.

NEXTEP, Accredited NPO

Kumamoto Prefecture


Nico Seminar 2016

Implementation of the communication course for capacity building of HR supporting children with serious illnesses or disabilities.

Nicochan-No-Kai, Accredited NPO

Fukuoka Prefecture


Development of the home support system by Hospital Play.

Hospital Play Specialist Japan, NPO

Shizuoka Prefecture

As a pharmaceutical company committed to human lives, Takeda shall continue contributing to society through its dedication to improving people’s health and the future of medicine by creation of innovative medicines, and support patients and their families who need more than the supply of pharmaceutical goods.

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