Bosch supports vocational schools by means of e-learning programs

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Bosch now offers schooling contents of vocational schools and educational institutions as e-learning modules. The company thus responds to the increasing demands placed on apprenticeships related to workshops such as the apprenticeship of automotive mechatronics technicians.

The increasing amount of electronics and ever more complex systems installed in recent motor vehicles also influence the schooling contents at vocational schools and institutions of advanced training. In addition, today’s apprentices of automotive professions grow up using computers, tablet computers and smartphones.

E-learning offers, such as the ones Bosch Automotive Aftermarket now provides for vocational schools and educational institutions, complement conventional classes.

These online trainings impart basic automotive knowledge, knowledge about vehicle systems and teach strategies for diagnoses by means of videos and animations as well as exploded models and practical exercises.


Bosch offers three different types of e-learning possibilities for vocational schools and educational institutions: Web-based trainings impart basic knowledge, the “Virtual Diagnosis Simulation” familiarizes with the use of Esitronic, KTS or FSA and allows practicing it, and multimedia presentations provide an overview of state-of-the-art technology installed at specific vehicles.

The web-based trainings contribute to the user’s self-study, both theoretically and in practice. All contents can also be printed out in order to use or discuss them in class as well. For now, web-based trainings are available for the areas of engine management, electrics and ABS/ESP.

Easy-to-use and multimedia-based: Bosch e-learning for automotive topics

Easy-to-use and multimedia-based: Bosch e-learning for automotive topics

The Virtual Diagnosis Simulation allows the learners to work over everyday workshop situations on different vehicle systems. For this purpose, they can virtually check vehicle components and develop own diagnostic strategies using diagnostic and service tools (e.g. Esitronic, KTS, FSA and Diesel Set 1). The program simulates faults that could occur at everyday workshop business.

The students then have to solve and remedy these faults. This eases the comprehension of complete error chains. At the same time, the vehicle-system components are described in detail. For now, this tool also deals with the topics related to engine management, electrics and ABS.

The multimedia presentations provide an overview of all vehicle systems and corresponding detailed information. With the aid of animations and films, they describe the system structure, possibilities of diagnoses and information on technical novelties – among others. And again, a final exam provides the possibility to assess the success of the training.

In addition to conventional classes, these e-learning offers provide apprentices and automotive mechatronics technicians at advanced training for foremen with the possibility to acquire knowledge by their own and in an entertaining and fascinating manner. Concomitantly, teachers at vocational schools are supported in preparing their classes.

Mehrab Masayeed Habib studied Electrical and Electronics Engineering (EEE) at American International University Bangladesh (AIUB). Currently, he is working for News Hour. He is passionate about automobiles. He is also the founder & trainer of Bangla Automobile School. He conducts workshops on automobile engineering at local level.
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